Educator / Technologist / Community Advocate

My career has taken many twists and turns, but I have nestled
into the cozy nexus of these three amazing fields.

Champion for Digital Equity

I am the Program Director of Tech Goes Home Chattanooga, the first digital inclusion project of Chattanooga’s Enterprise Center. We work with community organizations to provide free digital literacy training, an affordable device, and access to low-cost home Internet for Hamilton County’s underserved residents.

Community Builder

I co-founded Code & Creativity. This bi-monthly talk series brought the web design and development communities in Chattanooga together to hear from world-renowned experts for free. I also organized Chattanooga’s largest city-wide hackathon: Hackanooga.

Inclusive Designer

Through my work as Co-founder and UX Lead of Easy Designs, I worked to make the Web a more equitable and friendly place for everyone. I also helped establish the Chattanooga Open Device Lab to increase awareness of digital device diversity among Chattanooga’s dev community.

Drop Me a Line

I’m always happy to talk about the work I do and share what I’ve learned. Just fill in the brief form below or hit me up on Twitter.